A Dream of Art Driven by AI Technology

Are we going to be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) in the near future? Is technology taking over our ability to think creatively?

The answer of Joseph Smarr, Member of Technical Staff at Google and co-creator of the Dreamscapes art pieces, is an exciting and positive approach to what the near future will look like.

“We are scratching the surface, there are so much more opportunities ahead for machine learning to take over more and more facets of what we are doing in all of our work, and also for us to gain a much deeper understanding of what these systems really are doing (…) the next few years should be very exciting indeed”. 

According to Smarr, AI will help people think more creatively, visualice and present information in new and different ways. Dreamscapes is a great example of how Joseph was able to help artist Daniel Ambrosi  take his pictures to a new height: Along his friend Chris Lamb (NVIDIA), Joseph created a tailored modified version of Google DeepDream software that enabled Ambrosi present his pictures in a much more powerful way that he ever imagined. This AI approach can be apply to any other artistic field such as music, video, design, and technically, to any other industry that we know.

Moreover, in this fast changing world shaped by technological advances, the main advice of Joseph is not to wait.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you want to start working in tech, my main advice is don’t be afraid to get started, if you are passionate about something,  if you have an opportunity where you know you want to make the world better in a certain way, don’t feel like you need to have all the background, all the qualifications, or have all the answers, just start and get your hands dirty”. 

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