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A Dream of Art Driven by AI Technology

Are we going to be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) in the near future? Is technology taking over our ability to think creatively? The answer of Joseph Smarr, Member of Technical Staff at Google and co-creator of the Dreamscapes art pieces, is an exciting and positive approach to what the near future will look like. “We are…

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From Big Corporation to Nimble Startup: Tips for Taking the Leap

Errette Dunn cut his teeth at manufacturing leaders Toyota and Airbus before getting into the startup game. Now as founder and CEO of Rever, he is working to enable nimbler and more innovative practices in workplaces all over the world. In this interview, Dunn talks about: Why gaining experience at a large, established businesses can be good for…

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How to Develop Your Own ‘Founder Mindset’

As a software engineer at Wizeline, Ismael Serratos has learned a thing or two about developing what he calls a “founder mindset” — the idea that your responsibilities extend not only to the code you write, but to the overall impact you have on the success of your product and the overall business. Gaining a founder…

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