How to Develop Your Own ‘Founder Mindset’

As a software engineer at Wizeline, Ismael Serratos has learned a thing or two about developing what he calls a “founder mindset” — the idea that your responsibilities extend not only to the code you write, but to the overall impact you have on the success of your product and the overall business.

Gaining a founder mindset, Ismael says, doesn’t come without risk. You have to be willing to deal with some uncertainty and trust that, no matter what, you’ll figure out what’s necessary to develop features and functionality that drive the business forward.

This stands in sharp contrast to working at an stablished company, where there’s far less risk —but also far less opportunity to learn new things and gain ownership over certain product areas.

As for life after Wizeline, Ismael has aspirations to start his own company and bring software to market that is used and loved by millions of users.

Ismael started his career at Intel, then did a stint at Guadalajara-based Agave Lab before working at Oracle. To connect with Ismael, find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.