Why This Machine Learning Engineer Joined a Startup

Like many aspiring software engineers and entrepreneurs, Haydé Martinez started her career working at large, established enterprises.

In her case, she first worked at Intel as an intern — then at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise as a software engineer. During these early days, she also had the opportunity to study artificial intelligence and machine learning at the renowned Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan.

But this wasn’t enough for Haydé — she had big dreams and wanted to solve big challenges. When she was presented with the opportunity to work at Rever, she knew that the startup life was for her.

Now, as Rever’s lead developer for machine learning, she’s learning a lot and dramatically expanding her domain and expertise. In particular, she’s happy because she get to work on a vast range of different challenges.

“In the corporate world … you work for only your purpose. If you’re an IT engineer or a support engineer, that’s the only thing you get to do,” says Martinez. “But here [at Rever], you get to do everything.”

Transitioning from a role in the corporate world to a startup took some getting used to, but now Haydé couldn’t be happier with the opportunity to impact Rever’s product roadmap and help shape its culture.

In the interview, Haydé also speaks to the growing role of female engineers in the world of software, and why she thinks this is an important trend that will only continue.

“There’s a stereotype right now in technology that it’s a male business. But I think that new generations are getting involved and challenging this idea. Day by day, there are more females in technology.”

To connect with Haydé, find her on LinkedIn. Enjoy!